Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 3 Total Number of Files Changed: 9

2005-07-16 19:29:32amowers

hello-examples.psf v 1.2 v 1.2

added hello-hsqldb to hello examples global build.
2005-07-16 13:28:06amowers

project.xml v 1.2

attempting to get maven changelog reports to work.
2005-07-15 22:00:23amowers

.cvsignore v 1.1

.project v 1.1

hello-examples.psf v 1.1

maven.xml v 1.1 v 1.1

project.xml v 1.1

Created a hello-examples-build project for building all the examples and creating a website from the build.